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Pet health consists of 80% healthy and balanced nutrition and 20% daily care. To ensure a dog that not only looks good but also feels great, it is important to take care of both its inside and outside, which is why breeder, cynologist, groomer, and product developer Janita Januškauskaitė-Plungė has set herself the goal of creating natural products that nurture the pet’s health.

We present to you sponsors of World Dog Show 2023, which received worldwide recognition Tauro Pro Line and Nature’s Protection Superior Care.

Nutrition is the basis of a pet’s health. Nature’s Protection Superior Care was created with this in mind. The peculiarity of this brand is its unique, functional, and healthy ingredients, the highest quality protein sources, and the principle of Clear Eyes Solution. A balanced amount of nutrients and amino acids in the feed can help solve the problem of brown tearstains, which affects more than 90% of dogs worldwide. The new generation of supplemental treats is your pet’s daily dose of vitamins. The highest quality, semi-dry, functional supplemental treats are enriched with natural ingredients that can improve the pet’s vital functions.

Tauro Pro Line – professional, natural, effective fur and skin care products and equipment, created based on more than 35 years of experience. Fur and skin care products are distinguished by their up to 97% natural composition, which does not contain SLS, parabens, sulfates, or mineral oils, the line is designed to naturally nourish the pet’s skin and fur, providing it with useful ingredients obtained from nature. Tauro Pro Line equipment is characterized by extremely high quality, an innovative approach to pet care, and saving the groomer’s time and health. Here you will find unique ozone baths, ionized fur dryers, scissors made of Japanese steel, top-quality brushes, and many other pet care products.

The health of cats and dogs has been the mission of ROYAL CANIN® from the very beginning. It originated in 1968 with the vision of French veterinarian Dr Jean Cathary.

Using the best and most precise nutrients, to this day we make it our mission to sustainably improve the lives of pets through nutrition and to optimally support their health.

Learn how we tailor our unique products to each pet’s needs at the Royal Canin exhibition stand at World Dog Show 2023. We look forward to meeting you in person at Geneva!

With our platform OnlineDogShows.eu, Animal Projects is the leading provider for digital dog show registration and management services in Europe. To exhibitors we offer a familiar, user-friendly and secure environment to enter their dogs and manage their profiles. To dog show organizers, our innovative platform offers a complete set of services from promotion, registration collection, show and ring capacity management, digital judgment recording up to (live) result publication.  With our commitment to excellence and passion for the canine community, we are excited to support the World Dog Show 2023 in Geneva and whish all participants an enjoyable event!

Grüezi from Switzerland!

When you think of Switzerland, what comes to mind? A rustic alpine hut with a wonderful view of the mountains and fresh air? A delicious fondue in a cosy atmosphere or cows grazing the meadows and the beautiful sound of their bells? Everyone has a different image of Switzerland – however, everyone agrees on one thing: the Swiss are reliable, hard-working and strive for perfection. It is these characteristics that make us your (perfect) partner when it comes to pet food. Our main goal is to provide products that are made especially for the species and so improve animal well-being. We are continually coming up with innovative products to meet the needs of our customers and their beloved pets.

At petZEBA AG, we produce and distribute high-quality feed and nutritional supplements for dogs and cats. In keeping with our motto, “With Nature in Mind,” we use selected natural ingredients in our products that are perfectly tailored to your four-legged friend’s needs. Our expertise and passion for pets is a source of pride and rounds out our first-class service. Our talented team, with a special place in their hearts for animals, is personally available to give you expert advice and support.

The environment is a high priority for us. In keeping with our motto, “With Nature in Mind,” we have our own rooftop solar plant that covers all of our power needs. We work to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible – for people, for animals and for the environment!

We’re sure that you and your pets will love our product quality.

Visit our webpage to know more about us and our products.