WDS 2023



General questions

23rd to 27th of august 2023 in Palexpo, Geneva

Wednesday 23rd August 2023 – Geneva Grand Prix
Thursday 24th of august – FCI Group 1-4-6
Friday 25th of august – FCI Group 3-7-8
Saturday 26th of august – FCI Group 2-10
Sunday 27th of august – FCI Group 5-9 and BIS

Grand Prix opening doors : 6:00
Judging start : 9:00

WDS opening doors : 7:00
Judging start : 9:00

Your dog does not need any qualification to participate to the WDS.


There are several entry prices for the World Dog Show

Adults (aged 18 and over) CHF 15.
Young people (aged 12 and over) CHF 8.
Reduced (AHV over 64, IV + SCS members) CHF 8.
Children (under 11) CHF 0.00

To find out more about how we use the personal data we collect, please see our data protection policy.

The entire Palexpo site is accessible to people with reduced mobility thanks to the presence of ramps and lifts. For more information, you can consult the map here.


During your visit to the World dog show, you have access to the P12. This car park is for vehicles < 2 m high. 1’600 spaces are available.

You can consult the parking rates here.

P49: This parking is reserved for motorhomes (or car + caravan) that park for 1 or more days overnight. This parking is only available for exhibitors who have entered a dog in a competition. You can book your place here.

Halls 1 & 2: This car park is only open during the day from 06:00-21:00. It is reserved for exhibitors < 2 m or > 2 m high.
The rates are CHF 20.-/day for cars and CHF 40.-/day for cars with trailer, vans or motorhomes.

1)    The P49 reservation option only becomes available if you have entered a dog in a competition.
2)    The car park is full and reservations are no longer possible.

You can change your booking up to and including 13 July. The request must be made via the contact form https://www.onlinedogshows.eu/en/Home/Contact

The cancellation fee for a reservation is CHF/EUR 10.- per day of reservation. Changing or adjusting the number plates is free of charge.

You can cancel a reservation via our contact form  https://www.onlinedogshows.eu/en/Home/Contact. Up to and including July 13, we will refund the amount of your reservation except for a CHF/EUR 10.- fee per day of reservation. In case of cancellation after July 13, no refund will be made.

When you make your reservation, you must state the number plates of your motorhome. If you are renting a vehicle and do not know the number at the time of booking, you simply mark “rented” in the corresponding field.

Shows and titles

The Grand prix de Genève is an international all breed CACIB show which will be hold on Wednesday 23rd of august. The WDS is the World Dog Show which will be hold from 24th to 27th of august.

For the title Swiss Show Champion the dog needs a CAC from the Grand Prix on Wednesday or a CAC from a Specialty and a CAC at the World Show (WDS CAC is a must).

The same applies for the titles Swiss Junior Show Champion and Swiss Veteran Show Champion.

The CAC can be given to all 1 exc. Dogs from Intermedia, Open, Working and Champion class. The Junior CAC is given in Junior class and Veteran CAC in Veteran class.

For the Swiss Show Champion, no res. CAC may be used. For the Swiss Beauty Champion, the res. CAC can be upgraded by the Swiss Kennel Club, if the dog which has received the CAC has already homologated the Swiss Champion title at that time. For the upgrading please contact directly the Swiss Kennel Club.

Show ground

Palexpo, Route François-Peyrot 30, 1218 Genève

The WDS will take place in 2 halls. The WDS will be 3 times the size of the usual Geneva shows.

Palexpo is well served by public transport. The Geneva Airport as well as main train station is a 10-minute walk away, and bus lines 5, 23, 28, 50, 59 and 66 stop near the exhibition and congress center. To encourage electromobility, four fast charging stations (20 kW) for electric vehicles have been installed on level -1 of the P12 parking lot.

Show regulations

There are no cropped and/or docked dogs allowed at the WDS.

Grooming of dogs at the shows, beyond brushing and combing using any aids (sprays, products, scissors, etc.)  is prohibited. The same applies to holding a dog on so-called gallows. Wrapping or braiding of hair is prohibited at the show. The observance of these regulations will be controlled. In case of non-compliance with these regulations, the inspectors are authorized to draw the exhibitors to refrain from the aforementioned manipulation. In case of non-compliance, you may be instructed to leave the exhibition.

No, this is not true. Every breed is very welcome in Geneva. The cantone of Geneva have a muzzle regulation for specific breeds, more information are available on our webpage.

Yes, the listed breeds are: American staffordshire terrier; Cane corso; Dogue argentin; Fila brasileiro; Mastiff; Matin espagnol; Matin napolitain; Presa canario; Rottweiler; Tosa; Dogue de Bordeaux; Bullmastiff; Thaï Ridgeback Dog

For the listed dogs, the leash and the muzzle are obligatory as soon as they leave the detention enclosures or show rings and assimilated as “domiciles”, in addition to the place of residence of the holders during their stay in Geneva (chamber of hotel, mobile home, etc.).

Anyone who does not follow these guidelines will be banned from entering the exhibition.
* This is an official communication from the Cantonal Veterinarian which we reproduce accordingly. The regulation is not new, but already active for over 10 years as at the European Dog Show in 2013 and at the annual show in Geneva (Geneva Shows).

Traveling to Switzerland

Exhibitor from Switzerland: The rabies vaccination compulsory has been lifted. However, we still recommend that you have your dog vaccinated against rabies, distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parvovirosis and kennel cough.

Exhibitors from abroad: Please note the entry regulations for Switzerland. The veterinary rabies vaccination certificate is mandatory at the border. The vaccination must have taken place at least 21 days before crossing the border. For the duration of validity, the validity date noted in the pet passport applies (usually 3 years).

To enter Switzerland, you must have a valid travel document recognized by Switzerland, such as a passport or identity card. Please check the entry regulations for your own country.


You are welcome to contact onlinedogshows by e-mail under the following address: info@onlinedogshows.eu.

We have four entry deadlines. First is on 19th of March 2023, second on 14th of May 2023, third on 18th of June 2023 and last one, one month before the WDS on 23rd of July 2023.

First entry deadline 95 EUR, second entry deadline 105 EUR, third entry deadline 115 EUR, last entry deadline 125 EUR. There is a discount for multiple dogs.

The discount works only for the same owner and not co-owner. Only for puppy till champion class. So no discount if the second dog is entered in veteran or minor puppy class.

Yes, you can. Adjustments of a class are possible via the registration page by yourself. For tis you will need to pay a fee. The adjustment will be take into account only when the fee is paid. The adjustment is allowed until the final deadline.

Withdrawals received 10 days prior to the deadline of a show may be eligible for a refund of the paid amount. Refunds will be issued by proof of a written notification accompanied by a veterinary certificate. A 10 EUR administration fee for each dog by show will apply to refunds.

Junior Handling

The pre-judgements will take place in the pre-ring of the ring of honor

The number is collected every morning from 8:30 in the pre-ring of the ring of honor

The pre-judgments will start at 9 a.m. in groups of approximately 10 children. The schedule will be available at the pre-ring from 8:30. We will be flexible and group changes will be possible on a case-by-case basis the same morning.

Yes, you can bring your own dog who has to be registred at the WDS or use another dog entered at WDS, even if it is shown another day.

The dog need to be registred (then it’s up to you to show it or not in the breed ring, if not the case it will be “absent” but can participate anyway at JH competition)

No need to buy an entry-ticket, JH Official Representative will have an access for the dog and an accompanying person.

Yes provided that the new dog is also registered at one of our shows.

Each Junior will be judged in the morning and it is at 2:30 p.m. that all the Juniors will enter in the Ring of Honor. The judge will select 6 based on his morning assessment. The 6 will still be asked to move again. The judge will then select only 3 who will be sent to the Semi-Final on Sunday.

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