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Junior Handling

Junior Handling

The term Junior Handling refers to the showing of purebred dogs in the show ring by children and young people. The handler is the person who shows dogs. Junior Handling is a real sport, again it takes a lot of practice, regular training, perseverance, empathy, team spirit and some ambition! The trainings are very varied and never boring. Running of various figures, correct placing of the dog, showing the teeth and some general dog and breed knowledge are learned and practiced.

Every child who enjoys dogs and would like to learn something with a dog is in the right place. Even if the family does not have a dog of their own, or it is too big and/or too strong for the child; they are always happy to help out and borrow a dog to complete the training & competitions.

Show Handling is for all participants 18 years and older. This category was created so that adults could also compete in their handling skills. As in JH, points are accumulated at the competitions, which are spread throughout the year. At the end, the Show Handling Champion is crowned. Furthermore, the Show Handling is also an optimal platform to exchange information about the whole show business.

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JH-Show Program


The Junior Handling Competition at the « Grand Prix de Genève » is a normal competition open to everyone from 10 to 18 years old. This competition has only one age group (10-18y) and is not connected to the WDS Competition.

The breeds handled in the Junior Handling « Grand Prix de Genève » competition must be registered at the International Dog Show « Grand Prix de Genève ».


The breeds handled in the Junior Handling competition do not necessarily have to be the same as those which are judged in the World Dog Show on the same day but the dog must entered at World Dog Show, even if it is an other day.

The junior handler may participate each day in the daily Open Competitions unless he/she has already been placed among the best three (3) on one of the Open Competition days. Entries are not refunded or transferred in case of selection.



FCI JH regulations

SKG JH regulations

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