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Stand no.5332


Official distributor in Switzerland for the brands HUNTER, ALWAYS YOUR FRIEND, CHADOG DIFFUSION, ARTERO.

Stand no.5470


We are a Swiss company that strives for excellence in animal care. It is our love for our animals, dogs, cats, and horses, that drives us to constantly search for their best regular beauty treatments. In this regard, Swiss National Dog aims to provide the most innovative cosmetics and grooming techniques for the benefit of our four-legged friends.

Swiss National Dog is the official distributor in Switzerland for the Artero brand. Feel free to browse our extensive selection of Artero products: cosmetics and hygiene, dryers and blowers, clippers and scissors, educational materials, grooming apparel, and much more!

Stand no.5120


AwareCorp Studios is launching its very first mobile game with the exceptional participation of Jean-Claude Van Damme. But beware, it’s not just a regular game! This charitable game invites you to save dogs. More than just a gaming experience, each played session actively supports organizations dedicated to canine protection.

At AwareCorp, gaming is a powerful way to bring communities together towards a common goal for a better world!

Stand no.5158


cdVet Naturprodukte GmbH was literally born in the garage in 1999. The impetus for founding the company was the uninhibited use of chemicals, especially antibiotics, in modern livestock farming. Clemens Dingmann, a trained farmer and founder of the company, initially travelled around the country with a handful of feed supplements and care products to inspire future customers with his new, innovative concepts.

The demand was great and it soon became clear that, in addition to products for agriculture and horses, other products for dogs and cats should be added to the range.
To this day, cdVet Naturprodukte GmbH continues to grow, not least due to the constant new product innovations and their outstanding quality.

Stand no.5049


Our club has around 150 members, 70% of whom are German-speaking and 30% French-speaking. The club was founded in 1989 and approved by the SCS on 20.04.1990.

The aim of the Swiss Picardy Sheepdog Club is to actively promote and preserve the Picardy Sheepdog breed (F.C.I. standard no. 176), to support breeding efforts and to help spread the breed as a working and family dog. Our club is the point of contact for all dog owners, breeders and friends of the Picardy Shepherd.

As a member of the Swiss Picardy Shepherd Club, you benefit from the following offers:
o CAC show in Fräschels / FR
o Fun trail for bipeds and quadrupeds in Fräschels / FR
o “The fastest Picard” competition in Fräschels / FR
o Information on exhibition and competition dates
o Organised walks
o List of members
o Exchange of ideas and experiences
o Character test and morphology evaluation (selection)
o List of breeders (Switzerland and abroad)
o List of females and males authorised for breeding (CH)
o Website, including members’ area

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Stand no.5450


A taste for good food, the most French of kibbles

For over 40 years, we at Bab’in have been defending a very simple idea: to be happy and healthy, our dogs and cats need to eat well!
Our production facility is located in the heart of the South-West, at the foot of the Montagne Noire, not far from Toulouse. Nicknamed “The land of good food”, the Tarn has a long culinary tradition.
Bab’in offers a wide range of products tailored to the needs of dogs and cats, from kibbles to treats and a specially adapted range of terrines.

Stand no.5130


The Croatian Kennel Club (HKS) is the umbrella Croatian dog organization at the national level. It was founded in 1891 and consists of 127 cynological associations and breed Clubs. The Croatian Kennel Club will host the World dog show which will be held in Zagreb, from 25 till 28 of April.

The Capital of Croatia, Zagreb has an amazing geographical position, and we can easily expect 15,000 dogs entered from all over the World. We would like to point out that Croatia doesn’t have any restrictions connected with any kind of Veterinarian issues or banned breeds. City of Zagreb, Zagreb Tourist Board and Croatian Goverment happily support all our international projects with great enthusiasm. Welcome to Zagreb 2024!

Stand no.5159


Distrigroom is the preferred partner of groomers, providing expert support and advice. As a distributor of professional equipment, our wide range of top-quality tools is specially designed to meet their needs. We understand the challenges that groomers face, and we are here to support them at every step.

Newdog is a canine grooming company, providing exceptional care for your beloved dogs. Our passionate groomers use techniques tailored to each breed to enhance their appearance. As training specialists, we offer comprehensive courses to become a professional dog groomer. Our experienced trainers guide students through each step, imparting the skills needed to succeed in this rewarding profession.

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Dedicated to nutrition since 1965, Farmina is a family-owned and operated Company with four proprietary production plants for both dry and wet foods, and has been chosen by many Veterinarians in 75 countries worldwide.

Farmina has been contributing for almost 20 years with the development of multiple scientific studies, several of which have been published in peer-reviewed Scientific Journals.Farmina’s Pet Care solutions not only offer several highly palatable maintenance foods, but also the Clinical Nutrition line VetLife, and many cutting-edge services for Pet Parents, Pet Shops, breeders and Veterinarians.

Stand no.5329


FRASER ESSENTIALS Canine Cosmetics are chosen by exhibitors of top show dogs around the world. The range of high quality grooming products for dogs has been formulated and created, utilising over 45 years of dog grooming and showing experience. Using only the very best human grade cosmetic ingredients, the products focus on coat and skin health and the naturally derived ingredients and actives are backed by scientific research. The Fraser Essentials range is manufactured in Australia and addresses the high quality and standards demanded by those that groom and show dogs.

Stand no.5229


There stand my LOVE for animals and the passion with SEWING & HANDICRAFT. As a child, I used to sit with my mother at the sewing machine a lot. Everything was sewed together, preferably small animals that could be stuffed with cotton – I still love them ;-). It was always my pleasure doing creative work on the sewing machine and that also gave much experience to me since years. I never gave up on this passion until now our heart project came into being.
The love for animals is there since ever and now I am in the lucky situation to combine both of my passions.
All collars and leashes are handmade with love and of high quality and proofed with my assistant Asterix.
Let our treasures convince you.

Stand no.5330


Himalayan International – producer of premium, hand made dog chews, dog chew puffs and dog chew seasoning originating in the Himalayan region. Established in 2017, bease in Latvia, EU. Dog chews are healthy, natural and preservative free products – perfect long lasting treats that help to keep your dogs teeth white and clean, as well as giving an extra protein boost to your dogs diet.

Stand no.5231


Hydra Professional Line introduces quality and high-performance products exclusively for groomers and handlers. The products are designed to provide excellent results in daily grooming services, competitions and exhibitions.

Stand no.5461


The new favorite place for your pet

The PETY playpen for animals is assembled and disassembled in seconds. Thanks to the low weight, the PETY is ideal for on the road. Due to the mesh walls, the PETY is optimally ventilated and you always have your pet in view. Thanks to the matching accessories, you can use the PETY in any situation.

  • Lightweight mobile outdoor enclosure (approx. 4.5 kg)
  • Can be set up and taken down in 10 seconds
  • Removable floor surface
  • Can be folded and stored to save space
  • With transport bag and pegs for additional fastening in the ground

Stand no.5360


For over 140 years, Vorwerk products have been impressing millions of people worldwide with their superior and innovative technology and durability. In Switzerland, Thermomix® and Kobold are available through direct sales. Meet our Kobold Dream Team at the World Dog Show: The modular cleaning system with excellent cleaning performance on all types of floors.

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Stand no.5259


Leather, nylon and cotton handmade show leads

Stand no.5057


Your partner concerning genetics questions!

Laboklin is an accredited specialised laboratory for veterinary diagnostics and a reliable partner for veterinary practices and clinics as well as breeders and animal lovers throughout Europe. Labogen, the genetics department of Laboklin, has many years of experience in developing and performing genetic tests, especially in the areas of hereditary diseases, coat colour analysis, DNA profiles and parentage analysis. Our procedures are accredited to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 to ensure a high standard of quality.

Stand no.5451


General importer Happy Dog Switzerland

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Stand no.5250


Monge & C. is a 100% Italian company founded in 1963 by the intuition and entrepreneurial skills of Baldassarre Monge, who was the first Italian to understand the potential of pet food. Today, he has passed the management to his three children Domenico, Sandra and Franca, and now the company has 500 employees, a big network of more than 120 agents and 350 million cans produced per year. Monge, in 60 years of history, has always taken care of the well-being of our 4-legged friends, offering complete and balanced foods made in Italy, without dyes and preservatives.

Stand no.5255


A Swiss company specializing in organic and natural care products, hygiene products, and dietary supplements for dogs. We offer consultation and advice by a therapist in Bach Flower Remedies and Oligotherapy. We also provide natural treats and toys for dogs.

Stand no.5449


We are the inventors and creators of the first feeding station called NOURRINOU-BIBI, a patented system manufactured in France, designed for puppies and kittens.

This bottle is made of medical-grade silicone and is available in single or multi-nipple options, allowing for the simultaneous feeding of one or multiple puppies. We also manufacture and offer syringe nipple systems for feeding puppies or kittens in critical condition. Additionally, we provide special nipples for feeding tubes, allowing puppies or kittens to maintain their sucking reflex.

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Stand no.5473


For several years, the Swiss family-owned company petZEBA AG has been successfully distributing Josera brand pet food for dogs, cats, and horses throughout Switzerland. In addition to the exclusive distribution of Josera products, we are increasingly focusing on our own brand, kyli. The innovative products under our own brand cover dog and cat food, chew items, cat litter, dietary supplements, and BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) items, expanding the diversity of our product range.

Stand no.5348


PLATINUM SWISS GmbH is the leading distributor of nutrition products for dogs and cats.

PLATINUM operates a top-notch online store specializing in natural products and care for animals, with distribution throughout Switzerland and Liechtenstein. They offer a high-quality selection of natural and healthy nutrition products for dogs and cats, with at least 70% fresh meat content. Our loyal companions improve their quality of life through a meat juice-cooked dog diet and a fresh meat dryer-derived cat diet. Free home delivery from Monday to Friday, usually within 24 hours.

Stand no.5140


Plush Puppy = Grooming Products
Bobijn & Bobine = embroidery
Plush Puppy grooming products for show dogs are the best and represented around the globe.
We also distribute Lainee wrapping products, if only the best is good enough !
Our embroidery work is of high standard, very detailed of most breeds, challenge us ..

Stand no.5260


Sale of leather leashes, collars, harnesses, cozy blankets, dog beds, sleeping mats, show leads, retrieving articles, boudins, and much more.

Stand no.5358


We are an award making business counting it’s 13th year in a history. Specializing in rosettes that are being supplied worldwide.

We also do cups, medals, laser engraving and so much more! All your award needs can be fulfilled under one roof. No order too small neither too big!

Stand no.5370


We are a Health Through Nutrition company that positively impacts the health and well-being of CATS & DOGS.

Our ambition is to go beyond providing science-based, precise nutritional solutions. It includes building a holistic, integrated offering of tools and services; sharing our 50+ years of knowledge with vets, breeders, pet owners, and other partners; empowering our passionate Associates and always acting for a viable tomorrow for future generations!

Stand no.5560A,5560B


Stand no.5257


Healthy chew items, completely natural, untreated, and air-dried. Dog beds and cozy blankets from Ridgi-Pad DogCoach, specially designed for dog owners. Accessories and dog toys.

Stand no.5059


The MDPCG (Movement for the Defense of Dog Owners) was established in early 2017 in response to an injustice experienced by a dog owner at the hands of a public official. Its purpose is to defend the rights of all dog owners in the canton of Geneva.

The MDPCG represents dog owners in dealings with authorities, associations, and businesses to promote the health, well-being, and safety of their dogs. It also aims to advocate for the rights of dog owners and, when necessary, promote good practices. The association boasts over 890 members and over 4,000 supporters.

Stand no.5070


The SKG has been safeguarding canine interests in Switzerland since 1883 and represents them towards authorities and foreign canine organizations. We impart knowledge about the nature of the dog and its relationship to humans. As well as about breeding, keeping, education and training of the dog on the basis of scientific knowledge and according to the principles of animal welfare.

Stand no.5350


SO POSH is an Estonian-based professional pet cosmetics brand. Born from a decade of grooming experience, they represent the latest innovations in coat care. Each product is carefully formulated to leave a desired effect – all while being completely safe for both the pet and the owner.

Stand no.5270


Tauro Pro Line and Nature’s Protection, the main sponsors of the World Dog Show, comprise a team of dedicated pet professionals who deeply care about the health and happiness of pets. We have meticulously crafted Nature’s Protection Superior Care pet food, specifically designed to prevent tear stains and promote overall health. Our Tauro Pro Line grooming products prioritize the health of pets’ skin and coat, ensuring they look and feel their best. Together, these brands create a powerful combination that helps unlock excellent health and a stunning appearance for every pet.

Stand no.5039


The Finnish Kennel Club is the oldest national expert organisation in the canine sector in the Nordic countries and the supervisor of interests of dog owners, breeders and enthusiasts.
We are happy to host the FCI World Dog Show in Helsinki on the 8-10 August 2025. We warmly welcome you to meet us on the stand in Geneva to tell you more about the show. Welcome to Helsinki in August 2025 !

Stand no.5029


As the only canine organization in Poland is since 1938, a member of the International Canine Federation (FCI), established in 1911 and associating 90 countries from 5 continents.

The Zwiazek Kynologiczny w Polsce (Polish Kennel Club) was established on 29th of July 1938. After the World War II it was reactivated on 5th of May 1948. The Club has 52 regional branches.

The Zwiazek Kynologiczny w Polsce (Polish Kennel Club) is an organization gathering breeders, owners and enthusiast of purebred dogs belonging to 350 breeds: Sheepdogs and Cattledogs, Pinscher, Schnauzer, Molossers, Swiss Mountain and Cattledogs, Terriers, Dachshunds, Spitz and primitive types, Scent Hounds, Pointing Dogs, Retrievers, Flushing Dogs, Water Dogs, Companion and Toy Dogs and Sighthounds.

The Polish cynology can be proud of 6 native breeds: Polish Greyhound, Polish Hunting Dog, Polish Hound, Polish Lowland Shepherd, Polish Tatra Sheepdog and Polish Hunting Spaniel (breed not recognized by FCI).

Every year the Polish Kennel Club organizes about 250 dog shows, including 30 international ones. In 2018 the Zwiazek Kynologiczny w Polsce (Polish Kennel Club) was the host of European Dog Show in Warszawa-Nadarzyn.

It organizes also sport competitions for dogs: agility, obedience, dummy, sighthounds races and coursings, companion and schutzhund championships, as well as trials and tests for hunting dogs.

Stand no.5071


Come and visit our official shop and leave with a magnificent souvenir of this not-to-be-missed event in the world of cynology.

Mugs, t-shirts, towels, key rings… there’s something for every budget and taste.
So don’t hesitate to come and visit us, we look forward to meeting you.
The World Dog Show team