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Vollenweider, Jean

At the age of 24 Jean acquired his first German Shepherd (without pedigree) and trained it as a guard dog. In 1989, he began working for the Zurich Cantonal Police as a service-dog handler and trained many dogs in various disciplines. Until 31.8.2022, he worked as head of the Service-Dog Department of the Cantonal Police of Zurich and was able to integrate his hobby into his job. Since 1999, Jean has been breeding German Shepherds "von der Wolfsgrube" together with his wife. Dogs from their kennel have been shown at international dog shows and have also been trained as service dogs, sports dogs and as family dogs. Jean also competes himself with his dogs at World-, Swiss- and German-Championships.

In 1993, he was elected to the Central Committee of the Swiss Shepherd Dog Club and in 2011 as Federal Breeding Board. In 2007, he was appointed FCI and SV judge for German Shepherds and has since judged in various European countries.

He would like to express his sincere thanks for being appointed as judge for German Shepherd Dogs at the World Dog Show 2023 in Geneva and he is looking forward to this honorable assignment.


German Shepherd Dog, double coat, German Shepherd Dog, long and harsh outer coat

FCI Number

166a, 166b

FCI Group