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La Rocca, Fabrizio

Fabrizio was passionate in dogs since he was a child. He still remembers his first dog, a beautiful St Bernard called Lord. His first debut in a show ring was in 1985, at the age of 17, with his first Newfoundland “Zeus Degli Angeli Neri”. You can’t understand his joy when he achieved the title of Italian Champion, handled by him!

Then in the 1995 Fabrizio became breeder of Newfoundland under the prefix “Newfies”. As judge, he started in 2002 as International judge. In 2005, he started to be interested in others breeds in the FCI Group 2 as he was interested to better know any single breeds when possible. Over the years, he has been a member in many different Club Committee, founder, secretary, auditor of several canine organizations, including the Palermo Kennel Club, as well as Vice president and board member of the Italian breed club for the Newfoundland, the Club Italiano del Terranova.

He was called by ENCI to be Special administrator of CIABS (Italian club of Swiss mountain dogs). Fabrizio wa salso a member of the Italian Kennel Club ENCI in the disciplinary board. He represented the Italian Kennel Club as a member of the FCI in the Rescue Dogs Commission, responsible for drawing up the international “Rescue dog tests”. Member in the examination board for Italian judges and former judge for new judges. he was President of SAMANNARA (Club of Cane di Mannara Sicilian ancestral breed) He is President of Consiglio Cinofilo Regionale Siciliano (Sicilian Board) He has held several seminars about Italian breeds like Cane Corso Italiano, Newfoundland and Swiss mountain dog. Fabrizio is an approved all rounder judge. He usually judges 15/20 times a year. He has judged all over Italy as well as in 30 European Country, Russia, Turkey, Philippines, Iceland, Perù, Brazil.
He judged at the World Dog Show 2015, EDS 2017, WDS 2018, EDS 2018, EDS 2020, WDS 2020, EDS 2021. He is very honoured to be invited to the WDS 2023 in Geneva, Swizerland.
Fabrizio did a lot for the dog world and still has a lot of goal to reach. He hopes to preserve in time his great love and passion for the dog world.


Bernese Mountain Dog, Cirneco dell'Etna, Italian Cane Corso, Pomeranian

FCI Number

199, 343, 45, 97c

FCI Group

2, 5


2023.08.23, 2023.08.26, 2023.08.27


11, 17, 9