Ginette_Hufschmid_Ginette Hufschmid

Hufschmid, Ginette

Already as a child, Ginette dreamed of having her own dog. 
Finally, at the age of 18, she bought her first fawn boxer dog.  He was by no means a beauty winner, he was twice unplaced at shows, but due to his training he was an excellent working dog. Through her second fawn boxer, "Ch. David v. Monacum", she discovered her love for dog shows and so became a show judge in 1986.  Sometime later she took over the show commission of the Swiss Boxer Club.

For a long time she was responsible for the breeding commission, later became its president. For many years she has also been the responsible person in charge of exhibitions. She was allowed to organise the ATIBOX World Dog Show three times in Switzerland and for many years she has been responsible for the annual winner show in Switzerland. Within the TKGS (Technical Commission for Utility and Sporting Dogs in Switzerland) she is also involved as a judge for the endurance test. 

Another fawn boxer, "Ch. Henry v.d. Raufbolden" was part of her family for almost 12 years.   Her last boxer, brindle "Ch. Ravel du Val dEurope", who accompanied her for almost 13 years, will remain unforgettable.   Now a days, on her walks she accompanied by her sweet Continental Bulldog girl "Pickwick Yedda"  Her judging activities have taken her to practically all European countries and also to Israel as well as three times across the Channel to England, but also to Australia and New Zealand. On these occasions she also had the honour and pleasure of judging at World Dog Shows, Eurodog Shows, ATIBOX World Boxer Shows and Annual Winner Shows in many countries. Since 2007 she has also been judging the new Swiss breed "Continental Bulldog", which was provisionally recognised by the FCI in March 2022. In the Swiss Continental Bulldog Club she is responsible for the breeding licenses and a member of the Breeding Commission.

Her other hobbies are going to the opera and concerts....


Boxer, Gelb, Boxer, Gestromt, CONTINENTAL BULLDOG

FCI Number

144a, 144b, 369

FCI Group





21, 25