Borge Espeland

Espeland, Børge

Børge was always surrounded by animals from his childhood : horses, cows, sheep, dogs , cats, rabbits and different types of birds. His first dog was born in 1970, Norwegian Buhund mix. His first purebred was a Golden Retriever born 1977. 

Immedately he was involved in the Retrieverclub and tried different activities as Obedience, Field trials and Shows. He was also involved in different comitees and Boards for the Norwegian Retrieverclub, Norwegian Spanielclub, Norwegian Buhundclub, Norwegian Schnauzer Club as well as the Norwegian Kennel Club. For more than a year, he stayed at the Norwegian Defense Dog Training School. He have also lived for a period at one of the most influential Golden Retriever kennels in Norway: Mjærumhøgdas. 

His first trips to Great Britain to visit British kennels and dogshows started in 1984. The most frequent visited kennel for him was the Nortonwoods. Mr and Mrs Bradbury friendship was a really strong motivation to stay in this wonderful breed.   He occasionally breeds a litter of goldens to keep his line for the next generation. His prefix is Zenana and it has reached the 11th generation in golden retiever. Børge has also been involved in other breeds but mainly with males : Norwegian Buhund, Giant Schnauzer, Clumber Spaniel, Boston Terrier and some other.   In 1982, he was autorized as a ringsteward under the Norwegian Kennel Club rules. He stewarded a lot for many judges and watched many breeds from the inside of the ring. In 2003, he was autorized as an FCI judge for his first breed, the Golden Retrievers. In 2022 he qualified for his last FCI breed to become an FCI allround judge.   So far he has been judging in more than 30 countries around in Europe, Australia and New Zealand.  

He has judged Golden Retrievers at CC Level in England on 2 occasions, and in total 100 times at cac Level. He is very much honoured to do his first World Dog Show and the golden retriever bitches. He also looks forward to judge the Labradors and the cacib show and Flat Coats at their speciality show.


Flat Coated Retriever, Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever

FCI Number

111, 121, 122

FCI Group



2023.08.23, 2023.08.24, 2023.08.25


10, 3, 48