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De Giuliani, Claudio

Claudio is 70 years old and was born in Forno di Zoldo, a little village in the Dolomites, a fine area known in the world for its mountains. In his life, he always had dogs as companion: when he was a child and joined his father hunting and later when he became a hunter, before with a hound, later with a pointing dog.

He has breed at first the German shorthaired pointer. It was the 70’s! He had great love for the German breeds, and started to breed German longhaired pointer as well; some of them become important in the show competitions and in the hunt. Claudio was the first Italian breeder who imported the German longhaired pointer into Italy and he had the first Champion in Italy of this breed. He has many interests also for the German wirehaired pointer, but only as a lover and not as a breeder.

He always has studied the pure dogs and began to judge in 1979. Now he is All Rounder since 2004. He was a delegate of the Italian Kennel Club in the C.I.D., (German Wirehaired Pointer dog) and was also a member of the pure breed book of the Italian Kennel Club. He was in the Italian Kennel Club Committee and in the Italian Judge Committee. Now he is in the FCI Judges Committee. He likes writing articles regarding dogs, has written in the most popular Italian dogs’ magazine, and also had written 12 books and made a video about the dogs training.

He likes to hunt and walk in the mountains and photograph the nature. With his wife Manuela, he has been a good dachshund breeder, with a good success, with many show champions. He has already judged in all European countries, England, in Argentina, Russia, in Mexico, in Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, Usa, Australia, New Zeeland, Philippine, Tasmania, Thailand and South Africa, Japan, China. He has judged at the European Dog Show in Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Holland, Romania, Switzerland and Czech Republic in 2014 and in Norway in 2015, in Ukraine 2017, Poland 2018, Austria 2019, Slovenia 2021 and Hungary 2021 and France 2022. He has also judged at the WDS in Sweden 2008, Slovakia, Denmark, Austria, Budapest, Helsinki in 2014, Milan 2015 and Moscow 2016, in Leipzig 2017 Holland 2018, in China 2019, in Czech Republic in 2021 and Spain in 2022. He will judge at the EDS 2023, Denmark, and WDS 2023 Switzerland.

He has judged at Crufts and at the Eukanuba World Challenge in USA in 2010. Some results: German Shorthaired Pointer: since 1970 until 1988; many Excellent in the dog Show and a few results in a field trial; I was in many German and Austrian Competition; German Longhaired Pointer : since 1976 until 1990; many Excellent in the dog Show and a few results in a field trial; one Italian Champion and one International Champion Dachshund: since 1987; many Excellent in the dog Show ; some Italian Champion; International Champion, one Europe Champion; for two time, Vienna and Berna, Second Place with Reserve Cacib in a World Champion, two Club Champion, Reserve Cacib Vienna 2005 European Dog Show In his house now there are also Shelties and Rhodesian Ridgeback.


Italian Cane Corso, Italian Pointing Dog, Chestnut Roan, Italian Pointing Dog, White Orange, Labrador Retriever, White Swiss Shepherd Dog

FCI Number

122, 202a, 202b, 343, 347

FCI Group

1, 2, 7, 8


2023.08.23, 2023.08.24, 2023.08.25


13, 32, 52, 7