Böhi-Wenger, Janine

Since 2004, Janine is an international exhibition judge for Tchekoslovac Wolf dogs.

Now she is, in addition, judge for the complete Group 1 of the Fédération Cynologique International (FCI), also for poodles.  Her parents were breeders of Rough Collies, as from 1980.  She has taken over and in addition is also breeding Poodles and Pomeranians under the affix “Wengerhof”.

Since 2008, she is a board member of the professional association of the animal keepers. In the central board of the Swiss Cynological Society, she is chairing the working committee “Coordination of training”. As the owner of a holiday home for animals and of a dog grooming shop, her hobby has become her lifeline. Healthy and “beautiful” dogs of pedigree are of her interest.

National and international contacts in the field of cynology, as well as the humans behind it, are an important part of her professional life.


Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, Poodle Medium, Black, Poodle Medium, Brown, Poodle Medium, Fawn, Poodle Medium, Grey, Poodle Medium, White, Poodle Miniature, Black, Poodle Miniature, Brown, Poodle Miniature, Fawn, Poodle Miniature, Grey, Poodle Miniature, White, Saarloos Wolfdog, Welsh Corgi Cardigan

FCI Number

172ba, 172bb, 172bc, 172bd, 172be, 172ca, 172cb, 172cc, 172cd, 172ce, 311, 332, 38

FCI Group

1, 9


2023.08.23, 2023.08.24, 2023.08.26


23, 33, 4